Evolution Scam

September 20, 2010 at 6:15 pm • Posted in ALL POSTS, Evolution, Science490 Comments

For years, the theory of evolution was attributed to Charles Darwin. In reality, he was only responsible for the theory of natural selection. He observed that certain lifeforms were only found in some areas, but were totally absent in others. After traveling to many places to study this phenomon, he published his observations. Basically it says “a species will survive and fluorish in an ecosystem that is compatible with its needs. If it is moved to an ecosystem that does not meet those needs, it will not fluorish and may even perish. For example, if all the food in a region only grew in high up in the trees, giraffes would do well while pigs would not. The pigs would either migrate to an area where the food was available at or close to the ground or eventually starve to death.
If evolution were to occur, the pigs would either grow claws so that they might be able to reach the elevated food or grow longer necks and legs. If this had been happening, one would see each species with all sorts of variations in their shape and skeletal structure because they had metamorphized to accomodate their particular ecosystem.
One major problem with this theory is that it violates the law of physics known as ENTROPY. Entropy is defined as “The tendency for everything to go to disorder”. Humans, new cars, homes, and everything else on the planet once formed will start a process of deterioration. My eighth grade teacher once told us “when you are born, you are the most perfect you will be and from that day on, you will begin to deteriorate and age for the rest of your life” or at least, words to that effect. A people can observe the process of entropy in action every day everywhere they look.
Evolution assumes that somehow we started out as a bunch of elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and 20 or more other elements came together randomly to form a mass which came alive with the ability to consume, react to stimulus, learn and dump the unwanted waste elements when they were no longer of any use to the mass. Think about it.