Fuel mileage tips

September 16, 2010 at 5:35 pm • Posted in ALL POSTS, General Tips & Advice360 Comments

1. Travel approximately 2 seconds behind the vehicle traveling ahead of you. The larger the vehicle, the greater the fuel economy that is obtained. Note: doing this does not cause a reduction in fuel mileage for the vehicle in front of you. The compression of air from the front of your vehicle actually reduces the air drag on the vehicle in front of you although the increase in fuel mileage for the leading vehicle is small. The two second rule also gives you sufficent time to safely stop if your brakes are in good working order. (If he’s bigger than you, chances are that he can’t stop as fast as you and will give you a safe path with which to stop) Wind speed and direction will independently cause variations in fuel savings. If you feel a little side to side turbulence from the vehicle you follow, you are probably getting the best economy.
2. A gas computer or vacuum guage will give instaneous indications as to fuel economy. I installed a gas computer on my “66” Powerwagon in the mid-80’s and discovered lots of different things I could do to alter my fuel economy. The maximum change occurred when a vehicle towing a mobile home merged onto the freeway in front of me while I was towing a travel trailer. I experienced a 50% increase in mileage while he was in front of me.
3.Keeping your tires at or near maximum pressure reduces rolling resistance and gives you better mileage. The properly inflated tires run cooler and wear longer than ones at lower pressures.
4. Avoid sudden increases in acceleration and time your speed to coincide with traffic signals so you don’t have to speed up and slow down.