Freon 12 scam

September 16, 2010 at 3:45 pm • Posted in ALL POSTS, Freon, Science603 Comments

I first wrote that freon was not causing ozone depletion in the 1980’s, but I couldn’t get anyone to publish my paper. When I first heard about the theory, I contacted my former physical chemistry professor to ask him to help me obtain the pertinent data from NOAA and NASA. This allowed me to check whether the validity of that assertion. With the data he gave me along with knowledge I already had, I was able to determine that the claim was false. (I hated doing these calculations when I was in college.)
First, I calculated that relative masses of freon as compared with air. I determined that freon was 4.2 heavier than air. It should be found near the earth’s surface in stead of at an elevation of 25 kilometers where the people who proposed the theory were saying that the destruction of the ozone was taking place.
Second, my professor told me that the actual particle that was supposed to be destroying the ozone was a carbon-chlorine radical with no fluorine even being present. This fact told me that it was impossible to guarantee a link between freon 12 and that radical, especially since most cities and large industries were generating huge amounts of chlorinated hydrocarbons because they used chlorination to disinfect contaminated water before they discharge it into streams, rivers, bays, and the ocean. Furthermore, when I conducted mean-free path calculations for the ozone and chlorine-carbon radicals at this elevation using concentration data I received from my former professor, I determined that the probability of a collision occuring between these two particles was one ten-millionth OF one ten-millionth of a chance per cubic meter per second. This number says nothing about whether these few collisions would be ones which could transfer sufficient energy to cause a disintegration of the ozone molecule.
The third and perhaps the most important thing I did was to consider the logic of this proposed theory. At the time, the oxone levels were most diminished at the North and South poles. The last time I checked, there aren’t a lot of refrigeration units to be found at either of the poles. Also, at the same time the original claims were being made, I heard on the news that the city of Los Angelos had the highest levels of ozone on the planet. Unless I’m mistaken, they also probably have the highest number of air conditioning units per square mile on the planet as well as the highest number of freezers and refridgerators of the planet. My question is:”Why do they have such an ozone problem with all these refridgeration units all around them?”
The logical answer for the ozone problem lies with the solar winds. The earth is receiving a continual bombardment of high speed charged particles from the sun as well as other sources in space. These particles are attracted to the poles because of the magnetic fields found there. This stream of charged partilces is destructive to any molecule in its presence and would be especially so for a molecule as unstable as an ozone molecule.
Bad science has once again cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars unnecessarily.