Cancer Theory

September 20, 2010 at 8:16 pm • Posted in Healthcare356 Comments

During my career as a chemist, I have observed that people who should get cancer, don’t, and people who shouldn’t get cancer, do. I, personally, have had the dubious distinction of having handled all of the top ten cancer agents during my career. I have also handled some radioactive material. I have made some some observations about the subject from what I have seen and heard.
My father worked at the Bremerton shipyards helping in the construction of ships during WWII.  He told me that the dust was so thick in the holds, that he couldn’t see the person standing next to him.  After the war he worked in the woods until he fell from the crown log (about 12 feet high) and broke his neck. At age 65, he could lift and carry 300 pounds.  In his  70’s he could still run like an elk.  He died at age 89 from a worn-out heart muscle (as the doctor put it).  He never had a hint of lung disease of any kind.
From all I have learned about cancer over the years, I have observed that there are probably two factors involved.
Many blame asbestos for causing cancer, but it is different than all of the cancer agents in the top ten because it is chemically inert. It doesn’t with chemically react with anything. The rest of the top ten are highly chemically reactive. So are the rest of suspected cancer agents. This has led me to suspect that asbestos does NOT actually cause cancer. It instead injures the lung tissue making it more suseptable to cancer. I know that there are people who have asbestosis who have not contracted cancer.
My theory is that cancer is a two step process. First, there must be an injury or an abnormality in the tissue before it is susceptibile to cancer.
Second, there must be exposure to a chemically active cancer agent to initiate the process.
For years, we have been warned that sunburn (skin injury) early in life can cause skin cancer later in life. There is a province in China that has an abnormally high incidence of throat cancer. It was disclosed that their diet consists of some especially abrasive vegetables and their throat tissue is unusually scarred. My neighbor’s father had throat cancer after he had throat surgery. My uncle had his abdomen crushed by a falling forklift load of lumber. A few years later, he developed colon cancer. My mother had severe sunburns when she was young. She later developed skin cancer. Bruises also may cause sufficent injury to tissue to make it suseptible to cancer agents. Radioactive agents are also associated with the development of cancer. It not only damages tissue, it can alter body chemistry by injecting foreign material in the form of high speed charged particles or alter tissue with the high energy gamma rays (X-rays).
Remember, this is a theory, but it deserves some investigation because it makes sense.