Government blunders and coverups

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In 1974, the decision was made by our leaders to lower the speed limit to conserve gas, because of the oil shortages. Instead of helping the situation, it actually made it worse.
For years, Detroit’s automotive engineers had been designing their cars to get maximum mileage at 70 MPH. Engines were designed to run at specified RPMs (Rotations Per Minute). Rear differential gear ratios and tire diameters were designed to be compatible with these designated RPMS. Camshafts, too, are rated for specific rpms.
When the speed limit was lowered to 55 miles per hour, nearly all cars suffered losses in gas mileage. One of my cars went from 17 mpg (Miles Per Gallon) to 15 mpg. Another person I was aquainted with had his station wagon drop from 18 mpg to 12mpg. Others, too, had similar complaints.
One manufacturer had torque converters designed for high rpms (High stall speeds). At the lower speed limit, there was excessive slippage in their torque converters causing not only poorer fuel efficiencies, but increased heating in their automatic transmissions.
Carburetors of that era also were designed for specific air flows to achieve maximum performance. All of these factors contributed to a poorer performance for the majority of vehicles. This actually worsened the fuel shortage crisis.
When a lawsuit was filed to repeal the law, the government testified that the death toll had dropped because initially, the judge ruled that fuel efficiency was not a justifiable reason. Later, he overuled the lawsuit based on testimony from Washington State officials saying that lives were being saved. The problem was that they were guilty of perjury.
According to their own data, the deaths per million miles driven had been dropping for the three previous years (1971, 1972, 1973) at 70 miles per hour. According to data from a state publication(1) which claims to be based on Washington State Patrol data, indicates that the rate per million miles driven rose steadily for the next three consecutive years.
The people responsible for this fraud should be held accountable. They should be sued and have their pensions revoked.
Citizens should NEVER blindly trust their elected officials. Citizens should check the validity of what they are told. After all, these people work FOR the public. Be skeptical and vigilent or it will cost you your liberties. Do you want to leave your children one step closer toward a totalitarin government?
(1) The publication was the “Pocket Data book for 1977”.
Note: I had noticed the death toll for the summer of 74 was actually higher than the summer of 1973. The news also indicated that summer travel was 98% of that of the previous year.
There were two possible reasons for these increased rates.
1. Increased times to travel from point A to point B resulting in increased exposure times for accidents.
2. Longer travel times would result in a greater chance of fatigue and inattention.

Blue emergency lights

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Years ago, the Washington State Patrol switched from red flashing lights to blue lights at a heavy cost to the taxpayer. I don’t remember the justification given, but I thought it was a waste of money at the time. Recently I thought back to a demonstration of the Tyndall effect that my physics teacher in high school showed us in class. It demonstrated that light passing through a medium with suspended particulates will be reflected and refracted depending on its wavelengths. As the particulate per unit volume increases, the shorter wavelengths of light (blue) are scattered back and dispersed while the longer wavelengths of light were still transmitted through the medium. Simply stated, the last color to be filtered out is red (The longest wavelength in the visible spectrum). This is why we observe red sunsets rather than blue sunsets when there is dust, smoke, or some other source of particulates in the air.
Red was always the best color for emergency lights. Someone should be required to repay the taxpayers of Washington State for that boondoggle. (Note: Now you know why you don’t see blue lights used on aircraft.)

Climate change

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Approximately sixty years ago, scientists were convinced that the earth was on the verge of another Ice Age. Although I was unable to document it, several people (mostly older than me) told me that some scientists asked President Harry Truman to detonate 50 atomic bombs at the North Pole to reverse this perceved threat.
Thirty years ago some scientists started to warn that man-caused emissions into the atmosphere were causing irreversible excelerated global warming. They warned that the polar icecaps are melting. They said that if this continued, oceans would rise 200 feet flooding thousands of square miles of land.
Two years ago on April 13th, it was reported that the Washington State ferry system could not operate ferries because of the record low tides. (Where did all that water go?)
Scientists were right though! The ice caps on Mars ARE receding. They are on earth too. Data from satellites in space indicate that other planets in our solar system have also shown a slight warming trend. Even Pluto (though no longer a planet) had shown a slight upward trend in temperature.
Our planet has been both colder and warmer in the past. Palm leaf fossils in Washington State can be found in the road cuts along Chuckanut Drive between Bellingham and Anacortes. Around 1930, a complete rhinoceros skeleton was found in a small cavern between basalt rock layers in Eastern Washington above Blue Lake about 25 miles northeast of the town of Moses Lake. Details about this discovery are available at the museum overlooking Dry Falls.
Most Americans have heard about the large quantity of dinosaur bones in Central Montana. Similar remains may are also found in North Korea at about the same latitude. I have never heard these locations described of having a tropical climate. Winter temperatures at three of these locations often drop to 30 degrees (fahrenheit) BELOW zero.
About two years ago, a mastadon tusk was escavated from a construction site northeast of San diego. Do they host skiing and other winter sports there? I think not.
FACTS: For the year 2005, the fossil fuel energy consumed by our whole nation was not quite equivalent to the solar energy which fell on Cowlitz County in Washington State during the same time period.
Carbon Dioxide is 51% heavier than air and therefore settles to the earth’s surface.
Hydrogen, helium, ammonia, water vapor, neon,and methane rise because they are lighter than air. (Did you ever hear of someone filling a weather ballon with carbon dioxide?) If the hydrogen in our atmosphere was at the surface, lighting a match would cause the whole atmosphere to explode. Fortunately oxygen (37% lighter than carbon dioxide) is sufficently heavy that it is not found in the layer with the hydrogen or our first rocket sent into space would have been a REAL blast. Gasses DO separate according to weight.
It is also important to note that our day-to-day weather can fluctuate wildly, but the CO2 levels have remained nearly constant for much longer periods of time.
Remember the carbon cycle. If CO2 levels in the air drop too low, near life on earth WILL cease to exist.

Cap and Starve

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It seems that the cap and trade proponents are in their happy fairy-tale world.  It has never occurred to them that reducing the atmospheric carbon dioxide level will be anything but beneficial.  The fact is that it could screw up the carbon cycle for an undeterminable amount of time causing perhaps the greatest famine in all of history. 

All one ever hears from these people is that we must stop burning fossil fuels to get our energy.  Their REAL AGENDA is to stop drilling and mining for fossil fuels.  Cap and Trade is also supported by those who stand to make money from alternate energy sources, grants, or speeches.  I have not heard ONE of these people offer the only logical solution to increased carbon dioxide levels.  That solution:  PLANT MORE PLANTS.  Plants provide, directly and indirectly, ALL of our food, some of our shelter, clothing, medicine, heat energy, furniture, and a multitude of other products that we take for granted on a daily basis.  EVERY living organism on this planet requires presence of carbon dioxide for its survival.  If geologists are correct, the origin of all fossil fuels is carbon dioxide.

Consider the alternatives.  Increased use of electricity causes increased ozone pollution plus a multitude of other hazards.  Hydrogen fuel is primarily produced from electricity.  It is the most dangerous compressed gas in existence.  Its molecular size permits it to permeate the walls of its container causing that container to become brittle and prone to rupture.  If allowed to expand too rapidly, unlike other compressed gases (except helium), it heats up and can cause its tank to rupture.

   We must be careful.  Many times, our solutions are worse than the original problems.