Cap and Starve

July 31, 2010 at 7:00 pm • Posted in ALL POSTS, Cap & Trade, Government, Taxes157 Comments

It seems that the cap and trade proponents are in their happy fairy-tale world.  It has never occurred to them that reducing the atmospheric carbon dioxide level will be anything but beneficial.  The fact is that it could screw up the carbon cycle for an undeterminable amount of time causing perhaps the greatest famine in all of history. 

All one ever hears from these people is that we must stop burning fossil fuels to get our energy.  Their REAL AGENDA is to stop drilling and mining for fossil fuels.  Cap and Trade is also supported by those who stand to make money from alternate energy sources, grants, or speeches.  I have not heard ONE of these people offer the only logical solution to increased carbon dioxide levels.  That solution:  PLANT MORE PLANTS.  Plants provide, directly and indirectly, ALL of our food, some of our shelter, clothing, medicine, heat energy, furniture, and a multitude of other products that we take for granted on a daily basis.  EVERY living organism on this planet requires presence of carbon dioxide for its survival.  If geologists are correct, the origin of all fossil fuels is carbon dioxide.

Consider the alternatives.  Increased use of electricity causes increased ozone pollution plus a multitude of other hazards.  Hydrogen fuel is primarily produced from electricity.  It is the most dangerous compressed gas in existence.  Its molecular size permits it to permeate the walls of its container causing that container to become brittle and prone to rupture.  If allowed to expand too rapidly, unlike other compressed gases (except helium), it heats up and can cause its tank to rupture.

   We must be careful.  Many times, our solutions are worse than the original problems.