Evolution Scam

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For years, the theory of evolution was attributed to Charles Darwin. In reality, he was only responsible for the theory of natural selection. He observed that certain lifeforms were only found in some areas, but were totally absent in others. After traveling to many places to study this phenomon, he published his observations. Basically it says “a species will survive and fluorish in an ecosystem that is compatible with its needs. If it is moved to an ecosystem that does not meet those needs, it will not fluorish and may even perish. For example, if all the food in a region only grew in high up in the trees, giraffes would do well while pigs would not. The pigs would either migrate to an area where the food was available at or close to the ground or eventually starve to death.
If evolution were to occur, the pigs would either grow claws so that they might be able to reach the elevated food or grow longer necks and legs. If this had been happening, one would see each species with all sorts of variations in their shape and skeletal structure because they had metamorphized to accomodate their particular ecosystem.
One major problem with this theory is that it violates the law of physics known as ENTROPY. Entropy is defined as “The tendency for everything to go to disorder”. Humans, new cars, homes, and everything else on the planet once formed will start a process of deterioration. My eighth grade teacher once told us “when you are born, you are the most perfect you will be and from that day on, you will begin to deteriorate and age for the rest of your life” or at least, words to that effect. A people can observe the process of entropy in action every day everywhere they look.
Evolution assumes that somehow we started out as a bunch of elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and 20 or more other elements came together randomly to form a mass which came alive with the ability to consume, react to stimulus, learn and dump the unwanted waste elements when they were no longer of any use to the mass. Think about it.

Freon 12 scam

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I first wrote that freon was not causing ozone depletion in the 1980’s, but I couldn’t get anyone to publish my paper. When I first heard about the theory, I contacted my former physical chemistry professor to ask him to help me obtain the pertinent data from NOAA and NASA. This allowed me to check whether the validity of that assertion. With the data he gave me along with knowledge I already had, I was able to determine that the claim was false. (I hated doing these calculations when I was in college.)
First, I calculated that relative masses of freon as compared with air. I determined that freon was 4.2 heavier than air. It should be found near the earth’s surface in stead of at an elevation of 25 kilometers where the people who proposed the theory were saying that the destruction of the ozone was taking place.
Second, my professor told me that the actual particle that was supposed to be destroying the ozone was a carbon-chlorine radical with no fluorine even being present. This fact told me that it was impossible to guarantee a link between freon 12 and that radical, especially since most cities and large industries were generating huge amounts of chlorinated hydrocarbons because they used chlorination to disinfect contaminated water before they discharge it into streams, rivers, bays, and the ocean. Furthermore, when I conducted mean-free path calculations for the ozone and chlorine-carbon radicals at this elevation using concentration data I received from my former professor, I determined that the probability of a collision occuring between these two particles was one ten-millionth OF one ten-millionth of a chance per cubic meter per second. This number says nothing about whether these few collisions would be ones which could transfer sufficient energy to cause a disintegration of the ozone molecule.
The third and perhaps the most important thing I did was to consider the logic of this proposed theory. At the time, the oxone levels were most diminished at the North and South poles. The last time I checked, there aren’t a lot of refrigeration units to be found at either of the poles. Also, at the same time the original claims were being made, I heard on the news that the city of Los Angelos had the highest levels of ozone on the planet. Unless I’m mistaken, they also probably have the highest number of air conditioning units per square mile on the planet as well as the highest number of freezers and refridgerators of the planet. My question is:”Why do they have such an ozone problem with all these refridgeration units all around them?”
The logical answer for the ozone problem lies with the solar winds. The earth is receiving a continual bombardment of high speed charged particles from the sun as well as other sources in space. These particles are attracted to the poles because of the magnetic fields found there. This stream of charged partilces is destructive to any molecule in its presence and would be especially so for a molecule as unstable as an ozone molecule.
Bad science has once again cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars unnecessarily.

Mercury pollution from Volcanoes

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Several months ago, I read that the Centralia coal-fired steam plant was estimated to be putting out 1 to 3 pounds of elemental mercury per day. This might have seemed to be a serious problem to me if I wasn’t aware of the fact that volcanoes and other naturally occuring sources put tens of thousands of pounds of elemental mercury into the environment each day. Mount St. Helens put out more than 2000 pounds of mercury per day when it was at its active stage. Kilauea volcano in Hawaii puts out 1500 pounds per day and has been doing so for years. (This would be equivalent to the amount recovered be recycling 861 million fluorescent light bulbs per day.).
Volcanoes worldwide discharge every element known to man in massive quantities. The wind and water spread these elements and chemicals to every place on this earth. Toxic or not,these materials are a naturally occurring part of the environment. When I called the Washington State Dept. of Ecology, to suggest to them they should start monitoring the rainwater for mercury, I was informed that sampling for mercury had recently begun near Neah Bay. I was given the web address of the site. Though the site did not have rainfall totals or wind directions on the site, the data clearly indicates that there were periodic episodes of mercury deposition at the site (Note: There are no man caused sources for mercury in that region of the state).
It intrigues me that everyone seems so focused on mercury pollution when the amount of uranium and thorium (Both are radioactive) are 8 to 24 times more abundant in the earth’s crust than mercury. There are at least 20 known occurances of uranium in Washington alone.
Kilauea also emits 10,000 TONS of CO2 per day, 4000 TONS of SO2 per day (ultimately yielding 6000 TONS af pure surfuric acid per day) 4000 gallons of water per MINUTE, and dozens of other toxic metals and hazardous minerals in varying quantities EACH DAY. These are the emissions of only ONE volcano. One must remember that there are also many undersea vents to consider.¬†¬†Readers should google the term “vog”.¬† That will be a real eye opener.

lead wheel weights

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During a recent Washington State legislative session, a bill to ban lead wheel weights was passed. Like many well-meaning acts of the legislature, it has several serious flaws.
The purpose of the bill was reduce the amount of lead in the environment. This is an impossible goal. Between 1960 and 1975, vehicles deposited approximately 250,000,000 pounds of lead along roadways as an oxide or a bromide. These were byproducts of having three grams of tetra-ethyl lead in gasoline. Having this fact in mind, one must also recognise that every ounce of lead that we have deposited in the environment, we previously removed from the environment. It can be estimated that are 2.4 quintillion TONs of lead in the earth’s crust and it was here before man was. Ironically lead is one of several elements that is naturally increasing in concentration in the earth’s crust and will continue to do so for billions of years into the future. Remember, man did not create lead, it has always been here.
The advantages of lead wheel weights were several. Because lead is soft, it is easier to fit on the wheel. It is the least expensive high-density material available. If a lead wheel weight falls off while a car is traveling down the road, it won’t bounce off the pavement and strike other cars or their windshields causing an increase in accidents and injuries. It mashes down onto the pavement and is not easily thrown back up into traffic by tires. Lead wheel weights don’t wedge into cracks in the pavement and puncture tires causing an increase in accidents. The replacement material fails ALL of these qualities. The main reason that this was BAD legislation, is the elemental lead is relatively inert in the environment. It does NOT readily dissolve in rainwater. That is one reason it is used for battery posts. It resists corrosion from even strong mineral acids. The substitute material used in the new wheel weights meets none of these criteria. The new weights are made zinc-plated steel. I personally collected rainwater running off of zinc-plated steel and the zinc dissloved in that water was 10 times the level that is dangerous to fish and other aquatic life. When I put this statement in my report, my supervisor wouldn’t allow it because no one had ever published that fact before. I collected another sample the next time it rained from zinc-plated steel with exactly the same results. The statement was allowed in the report. Zinc-plated steel is far more dangerous to aquatic life and humans than elemental lead and the public should require that the law be reversed.
I might add that I have lost less than a dozen lead wheel weights in more than a million miles of driving.

Blue emergency lights

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Years ago, the Washington State Patrol switched from red flashing lights to blue lights at a heavy cost to the taxpayer. I don’t remember the justification given, but I thought it was a waste of money at the time. Recently I thought back to a demonstration of the Tyndall effect that my physics teacher in high school showed us in class. It demonstrated that light passing through a medium with suspended particulates will be reflected and refracted depending on its wavelengths. As the particulate per unit volume increases, the shorter wavelengths of light (blue) are scattered back and dispersed while the longer wavelengths of light were still transmitted through the medium. Simply stated, the last color to be filtered out is red (The longest wavelength in the visible spectrum). This is why we observe red sunsets rather than blue sunsets when there is dust, smoke, or some other source of particulates in the air.
Red was always the best color for emergency lights. Someone should be required to repay the taxpayers of Washington State for that boondoggle. (Note: Now you know why you don’t see blue lights used on aircraft.)

Climate change

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Approximately sixty years ago, scientists were convinced that the earth was on the verge of another Ice Age. Although I was unable to document it, several people (mostly older than me) told me that some scientists asked President Harry Truman to detonate 50 atomic bombs at the North Pole to reverse this perceved threat.
Thirty years ago some scientists started to warn that man-caused emissions into the atmosphere were causing irreversible excelerated global warming. They warned that the polar icecaps are melting. They said that if this continued, oceans would rise 200 feet flooding thousands of square miles of land.
Two years ago on April 13th, it was reported that the Washington State ferry system could not operate ferries because of the record low tides. (Where did all that water go?)
Scientists were right though! The ice caps on Mars ARE receding. They are on earth too. Data from satellites in space indicate that other planets in our solar system have also shown a slight warming trend. Even Pluto (though no longer a planet) had shown a slight upward trend in temperature.
Our planet has been both colder and warmer in the past. Palm leaf fossils in Washington State can be found in the road cuts along Chuckanut Drive between Bellingham and Anacortes. Around 1930, a complete rhinoceros skeleton was found in a small cavern between basalt rock layers in Eastern Washington above Blue Lake about 25 miles northeast of the town of Moses Lake. Details about this discovery are available at the museum overlooking Dry Falls.
Most Americans have heard about the large quantity of dinosaur bones in Central Montana. Similar remains may are also found in North Korea at about the same latitude. I have never heard these locations described of having a tropical climate. Winter temperatures at three of these locations often drop to 30 degrees (fahrenheit) BELOW zero.
About two years ago, a mastadon tusk was escavated from a construction site northeast of San diego. Do they host skiing and other winter sports there? I think not.
FACTS: For the year 2005, the fossil fuel energy consumed by our whole nation was not quite equivalent to the solar energy which fell on Cowlitz County in Washington State during the same time period.
Carbon Dioxide is 51% heavier than air and therefore settles to the earth’s surface.
Hydrogen, helium, ammonia, water vapor, neon,and methane rise because they are lighter than air. (Did you ever hear of someone filling a weather ballon with carbon dioxide?) If the hydrogen in our atmosphere was at the surface, lighting a match would cause the whole atmosphere to explode. Fortunately oxygen (37% lighter than carbon dioxide) is sufficently heavy that it is not found in the layer with the hydrogen or our first rocket sent into space would have been a REAL blast. Gasses DO separate according to weight.
It is also important to note that our day-to-day weather can fluctuate wildly, but the CO2 levels have remained nearly constant for much longer periods of time.
Remember the carbon cycle. If CO2 levels in the air drop too low, near life on earth WILL cease to exist.