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I was born shortly after the end of WWII mainly because my mother survived one of the three abortions her evil mother had performed on herself approximately thirty years before. I was the first child my mother had in a hospital. This was fortunate for me as the doctor could not get me to breathe using the normal options. Luckily, the hospital had purchased their first resuscitator just thirteen days before I was born. When I was twelve, I made the mistake of trying to open a suicide door on my parent’s 48 Chrysler sedan while the car was traveling at 50 miles per hour.  I had not initially closed it properly the first time. The next thing I remembered was being dragged along with the car watching the gravel pass inches from my face. Once the car had stopped, I got up, dusted myself off, and alerted my father, who was running back to the point where I rather abruptly exited the car to look for my body, that I was by the door of the car. I had scratches on my stomach, and my knees, and the toes of my shoes were not in very good shape. I climbed back into the car and let him close the door.
My other confrontations with moving automobiles included one where I was struck by a car traveling about twenty-five miles per hour. I slid across the hood, and up over the windshield, came down on my hands and feet, memorized the license plate number, and took off running. I was chasing someone who was trying to gain access to the business I was employed by.  After escorting the person who tried to get in without paying, I went back to talk to the driver who was not only speeding (the speed limit was 5 MPH), but also driving at night without his lights on at night.  When I found him, he was still looking under other cars in the area for my body.  I pointed out a few other areas he could look for the victim’s body before I let him know that I was the person he hit and that I didn’t have so much as a bruise.
My third incident involved my running across a college campus, slipping on the wet grass, and sliding under a moving car on the street in front of the college. That incident cost me three stitches in my left leg.
I decided to become a chemist at age twelve.  I tinkered with electrolysis and simple electricity experiments.  By the time I graduated high school, I had taken nearly every science course they had and I could remove, dismantle and reassemble, and reinstall all parts in the drive train of my Hemi powered 35 Dodge coupe within a three hour timeframe.  I have rebuilt many engines since that time.
I got a degree in chemistry and went on to graduate school taking other science courses as long as I had time for chemistry.  Those included physics, geology, electronics, and atmospheric science.  I worked for 15 years as an environmental chemist.  I was even a licensed well driller at one point. I own and operate heavy equipment, machining tools, and many other items too numerous to mention.  I am also licensed to manufacture and use high explosives.
The PURPOSE of my blogs is to EDUCATE, to PROMOTE THOUGHT, and to EXPOSE IGNORANCE and CORRUPTION in GOVERNMENT and SCIENCE.  This blog is FREE for others to share and use as long as it isn’t used for profit.
When in college, my physical chemistry teacher once told me that he was deeply bothered by “GRANT RENEWAL SYNDROME”.  I did not understand what he meant at the time.  I now know that he was referring to those who make false scientific claims to obtain more grant money from the government and other benevolent sources.
Legal terms for this behavior could include “FRAUD”, CONSPIRACY, and THEFT BY DECEPTION.

If you disagree with my ideas and conclusions, please elaborate so that I may address these issues.  Thank you.