Character of prochoice individuals

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When Adolf Hitler came into power in 1933, his first goal was to dehumanize people of Jewish ancestry. He instituted a national program of propaganda to brainwash the public into having hostility and disrespect for Jewish people. His purpose was to convince the masses that Jewish people were so subhuman that that they could be robbed, beaten, tortured, and murdered and it would be considered no worse than stepping on a roach.
The same tactic is being used in the United States today; only the new victims are the unborn human beings. They too, have been dehumanized. Now the politically correct call it “Choice”. I call it cold-blooded, pre-meditated MURDER.
I was really angered recently when one of our elected officials voiced a warning that the Republicans were out to limit women’s health. One reason I was upset is that I am a second-generation abortion survivor. My EVIL grandmother had a doctor perform three abortions on her. The one on my mother did not work. My mother had a right to life and so did I. So did my siblings, our children, and our grandchildren. It’s not a choice; it’s a HUMAN BEING!
Over 95% of abortions are performed because the woman wishes to hide the fact that she got pregnant in the first place. This makes her a risky employee. She has proven that there is nothing she won’t do to hide a mistake, even kill. If I were an employer, I would never hire anyone who is pro-choice. Over the decades I have found only one person who does not fit this observation. The rest have proven to be thieves, liars, and as unethical as they come.

Autism caused by cadmiun?? Not so Fast.

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EPA recently announced that in their opinion, cadmium exposure was the most likely cause of autism in children. I have to question this theory because of something I read decades ago. Subsequent research on the Internet confirmed my skepticism.
During field studies I performed in the mid-80s while employed by the Dept. of Ecology, I discovered that the zinc coating on galvanized steel was removed during a simple rainstorm in sufficient quantity to endanger fish. The concentration of zinc that I measured in the water draining from a roof during heavy rainstorm was measured at five parts per million. I also learned that most purified zinc products had a cadmium impurity of about one percent.
Up until the last ten to twenty years, plumbing in homes and businesses have primarily consisted of galvanized pipe. This exposed families to a continuous exposure of both zinc and cadmium, which would be found in both their drinking water and their food supply. This exposure extends back well over 50 years.
Copper and plastic plumbing is being used more and more in newer homes, but by no means has it totally replaced galvanized steel pipe. There are many who prefer the steel pipe because of the fear exposure to lead, tin, and copper in copper plumbing and other chemical contaminants in plastic plumbing pipes and glues. The exposure from cadmium is probably decreasing because of these trends. One could even theorize that the reduction of exposure to cadmium is causing an increase in autism.