Safety VS liberty

October 30, 2011 at 4:57 pm • Posted in ALL POSTS20 Comments

Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying “Those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither”. Since that time, thousands of rules and laws have been enacted allegedly to make us, the public, safer. At the same time, our rights and freedoms have dwindled dramatically. All citizens of all jurisdictions must start evaluating each and every one of these incursions on our liberties to determine if we are being scammed.
One good example is the mandatory seatbelt law. It was enacted on January 1st 1990. If a person were to compare the death toll for the first three months of 1989, when seat belt use was voluntary, against the first three months of 1990, he (or she) would discover that the death toll increased 38%. The comparison cannot be carried beyond that time because on April 1st, the speed limit was raised to 70 miles per hour. The seat belt law is a great source of revenue. We were lied to.
When the speed was lowered from 70 mph to 55 mph in 1974, we, the public, were told that lives were being saved at the slower speeds. Data from the Washington State publication “Pocket Data Book for 1977”  indicates the opposite is true. The rate of the death toll increased for the next three consecutive years. I also observed the same trend from newspaper statistics from that time. We were lied to.
When officials became aware of the aids epidemic, the public was assured that mosquitoes would only bite once during their lifetime. Now, we are told that they spread the West Nile virus by biting an infected animal and then biting a human. Once again we were lied to.
Phosphates, which occur naturally in the earth’s crust, are removed from detergents and replaced by man-made alkyl-benzene sulfonates. Aromatic compounds such as benzene replaced lead in gasoline. Catalytic converters containing the POWERFUL catalysts: platinum, palladium, and rhodium, were required on cars, and all sorts of rules are going into effect to protect us from the “Greenhouse Effect”.   Have these changes caused fish populations to diminish, asthma to dramatically increase, and mutations to increase?  It’s is a distinct possibility.   Is anyone concerned that one of the exhaust emissions from a catalytic converter is 10 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide?                                                                                                                                        In the early 50’s, scientists  asked President Truman to detonate 50 hydrogen bombs at the North Pole to reduce the effect of the coming ICE AGE?   Now scientists are warning us about catastrophic global warming.  There is evidence that that the climate has been much warmer and colder before man walked the earth.                                                                                      BEWARE! Your liberties and your health are under attack.  They are using the excuse that they are protecting the environment and endangered species to control the public. They often use bad science to do so.  Are they going to start protecting deadly organisms next?  Think about the consequences of reintroducing anthrax, smallpox, and bubonic plague back into our ecosystem? After all, they are a species.  I fear that some of these radical environmentalists will push for that next.