Weather fluctuations

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The winter of 2011 – 2012 was a severe one for the Pacific Northwest. The spring of 2012 has also has experienced record cold temperatures in this region. In January, my place, located in Western Washington, received 28 inches of snow topped off by freezing rain. A massive maple tree covered half of the roof causing serious damage and subsequent flooding of the basement. A dead nine-inch diameter fir tree fell across an 8 by 41 foot trailer. A blue elderberry tree came down on a structure that a travel trailer was parked in. The driveway was blocked by a 8-inch hemlock. Limbs as long as 31 feet long fell from my 100-foot tall Douglas fir trees.
The weather forecasters laid the blame for our unusual weather on a distorted jet steam. That caused me to wonder what had caused these wild fluctuations in the jet stream. I then remembered a documentary I recently had seen describing the concern over the rapid change in the location of the magnetic North and South poles and its effect on the earth. Since I also remembered that the solar winds strike the earth primarily at the regions around the magnetic poles, I started to research whether this could be what was causing the problem. I found that many before me had come to the conclusion that this phenomenon was indeed caused by a combination of movement of the magnetic poles AND the variations in the cosmic flux from the sun.
This may be the real reason that for periods of climate change that have occurred over the life of the earth. Since scientists believe that some birds, insects, aquatic life, and mammals migrate using the magnetic poles to guide them to their winter refuges, this could explain the sudden extinctions of many species.
Currently, the jet stream is being directed down the west coast from Alaska, bringing with it cooler than normal temperatures to the western states and higher than normal temperatures to the Midwest and Eastern states. Alaska’s snowfall depths (over 13 feet) are so deep that many structures are being crushed. In Washington State, Mt. Baker has over 25 feet of snow in their ski area requiring ski lift operators to excavate the areas below the ski lifts so that they can be used.
Whatever the cause, I am going to be cleaning up after this winter for a long time.

Burglary event on Feb. 23, 2012 – a lesson to learn.

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We returned from Eastern Washington on February 21st after visiting our grandchildren. On the following morning, my wife went into the mobile home where my daughter previously lived to find it ransacked. Other places had also been entered. The following evening, I went down to the mobile home, which was across the driveway from my daughter’s mobile home to activate the recording system for the security camera only to find that the batteries in the remote were dead and the VCR would only record at the fastest speed. No unusual activity was recorded that night.
About five o’clock in the afternoon on the 23rd, I took new batteries down so that I could set the VCR to record for the maximum time possible. When I opened the door of the mobile home that was across from my daughter’s mobile home, I was confronted by three juvenile burglars standing around the kitchen table dressed in black. For about five seconds, no one said anything. We were all in shock to be in the presence of one another. When one of them started to say something, I reached for my 44 magnum pistol and invited these individuals (not too politely) to hit the floor, stop talking, and cease moving until the nice deputies could come and discuss the situation with them. Fortunately for everyone, they complied with my request. I called 911 and after 10 to 20 of the longest minutes of my life, the first officer arrived. As the officer walked into my house, I asked him to draw his weapon so that I could put mine away. After sitting in the back of three separate patrol cars, for more than hour, the three confessed to the previous burglary and took one of the officers to stolen property and it was returned to me by 8:00 pm.
In conclusion, we were lucky that I went into that mobile home instead of my wife because I am always armed. There were four butcher knives and a sickle set out in various locations within the home.   This is the second time in the last 25 years that wearing a firearm has saved my hide. The first time could have resulted in my being killed by a crazy person wielding an ax. (I think he wanted to give me a split personality.)                                                 Those who oppose allowing to citizens to own firearms often become victims of their own foolishness. They shouldn’t be allowed to endanger the rest of the population. I recommend that all citizens, especially women, get and learn to use a firearm for their own protection.