Open letter to Washington’s Governor

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To: Governor Inslee

 From: Patrick M. Crawford (Environmental Chemist)

Subject: The man-caused global warming SCAM

 First, carbon dioxide is a linear molecule consisting of two atoms of oxygen attached to a carbon by a double bond. The molecule is linear with two oxygen atoms attached to the carbon atom on opposing sides. Carbon dioxide exists as a gas in the atmosphere when the air temperature is higher than minus 56.558 degrees centigrade (Minus 69.9 degrees Fahrenheit). It exists as a solid below this temperature commonly known as dry ice. It like, iodine, does not normally exist as a liquid at atmospheric pressures. Both of these materials sublime, that is, they change from the solid form to a gas and never form a liquid. Carbon dioxide is 51% heavier than air thus causing the greatest concentration to occur at sea level. It is heavier than hydrogen, helium, neon, methane, ammonia, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen fluoride, and uncondensed water molecules. The water molecules condense to form tiny water droplets, which forms clouds. Clouds are the ONLY material, which has the ability to reflect heat, and light and they reflect that heat and light energy in all directions, and it only does so when the water molecules are in the LIQUID phase, something that carbon dioxide cannot do. Even if carbon dioxide could reflect light and heat, it be reflecting it ALL directions, just like clouds. It isn’t like a one-way mirror. According to the physical law of entropy, all of the gaseous carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere would be randomly arranged and therefore have no capability of reflecting in one direction. Carbon dioxide does have the capability to absorb infrared energy from the sun and it can re-emit that at a later time, but it has no ability to amplify that energy or create new energy. Plants store energy from the sun by removing carbon dioxide from the air, combining that carbon with other elements, forming energy rich compounds while releasing oxygen to the atmosphere. This new material can be in a form which can be ingested to provide energy for living creatures like humans in the form of burnable fuels. Since carbon dioxide is a critical part of the carbon cycle, which is responsible for feeding ALL life on this planet (I personally am very fond of eating and do not wish to break that habit.), and the human population has increased from 6 billion individuals to 7 billion in a mere 12 years, I’m not sure that reducing the carbon dioxide production is such a bright idea, unless one was trying to create a famine. Eventually every pound of coal and every quart of oil burned will provide food for our descendents. If you are concerned about global warming, you might wish to cruise the Chuckanut Drive and view the palm leaf fossils, which may be found in the road cuts between Bellingham and Burlington. Maybe you might want to visit the site where the “Blue Lake rhinoceros was found near Sun Lakes State Park. Why don’t you check the well logs in Thurston County or talk to certain residents to see where caverns are located that were caused by the blocks of ice that were buried here when the ice sheet terminated here during the last ice age. I have seen all of these places. The dinosaur remains in Central Montana and North Korea should be the clue that climate change happens. Evidence is found all over this planet. Why do our ferries have to periodically abort runs because the tides are too low for them to leave the terminals if the oceans are really rising? Recent weather variations can be explained by fluctuations in the jet stream. The recent fluctuations in the jet stream can most likely be explained by the fact the magnetic poles are moving up to a 0.5 miles per month (some estimates are as high as 1.0 mile per day) toward Russia from Canada according to estimates by NOAA. Since the solar winds are attracted to the poles, they would be redirected and could be causing these changes. During World War, the jet stream was considered to be a constant west to east phenomena. Now it bends all over the map. . Face it. The sun is the earth’s principle source of energy. Eventually the sun will run out of fuel and cause this planet to turn into a frozen rock, or it will turn into a red giant and burn the earth to a crisp, or it will turn into a supernova and blow this planet to smithereens. The real cause of the global warming scare is “grant renewal syndrome”. People who get grant money often will slant their data to get more grant money. This is a term that I learned from one of my professors while I was in college in the late sixties. He was upset because one of his colleagues would lie about data to obtain more grant money. When I worked at Ecology, I was ordered to falsify my time sheet to get more federal grant money. I refused. One of my co-workers was required to lie to federal auditors when they became wise to the time sheet fraud. Honest and ethical government employees are often blacklisted for being honest and ethical. It happened to me. If carbon dioxide was causing global warming, grounding all the commercial jet traffic would be the most logical cure. The air was the cleanest in decades on the third day after the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center because all commercial aircraft were grounded. There wouldn’t be any carbon dioxide concentration at a high enough elevation to cause a problem.

This letter was delivered May 31st.  This is July 5th and I still have not received a reply.  Call him at 360-753-6780 and ask him why.