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Remember when greenhouse scientists told us that that the oceans would rise when the ice at the North and South Poles melted?  Most of the ice is gone and we are still experiencing periodic record low tides in Puget Sound.  Ferries have been postponed several times during the last few years because of low tides.


Remember when we were told that lowering the speed limit to 55 MPH would save both lives and gas?  According to the “1977 Pocket Data Book” (a Washington State publication), the deaths per million miles driven actually increased for the three consecutive following the passage of the reduced speed limit.  The death rate per million miles driven for the three years prior to the passage of that speed limit showed a consecutive decrease in the death rate per million miles driven.


Remember when we were assured that the extremely hazardous catalysts in catalytic converters would never leach out of the converters and be spread throughout the environment?  Catalytic converter recyclers are discovering that many of the recycled converters have little or no catalysts left.


Remember the people who were pushing to blow up all of the dams to save the salmon?  Several years ago when the gas prices exceeded $4.00 per gallon, the salmon runs rose to a thirty year high. Maybe the damage to fish runs has more to do with their exposure to catalytic converter exhaust than the presence of dams.  The decrease in fish runs started about the time that cars were equipped with catalytic converters.  Automotive travel was at its lowest level in years because of the price of gasoline at the same time as when the salmon runs peaked. It’s also ironic that the people who want us to blow up all the dams also want us to drive electric cars.  How are we supposed to charge them?


Why are people so concerned about heavy metals being in the environment when that is where they came from?  Every one of the heavy metals was here before mankind existed.  They worry so much about mercury discharges, but they don‘t realize that if we recycled 681 million fluorescent light bulbs each day to save the mercury, we would only be matching the natural discharge of just ONE of the Hawaiian volcanoes which discharges about 1500 pounds of mercury each day.  Radioactive uranium is 8 times as abundant than mercury and radioactive thorium is 24 times more abundant than mercury.  I would think that people would be more concerned about that.  Did you know that lantern mantles used tot be made with one of these materials?


Remember when hardly anyone had asthma thirty years ago?  Now it is estimated that about 1 person in 3 has the affliction.  Is it possible that some environmental changes are actually making things worse because they weren’t WELL THOUGHT OUT!


Every living organism on this planet benefits from the Carbon Cycle.  Reducing carbon dioxide levels may well cause the greatest catastrophe that this planet has ever experienced.


People want us to use compressed hydrogen as a clean fuel.  Problem 1. Hydrogen and helium exhibit negative entropy characteristics.  They are the only gases that can actually heat up when being released and cause unexpected rupture of the pressure tank .  Hydrogen (being the smallest element) also tends to permeate into the wall of its container causing premature rupturing.  A full compressed gas bottle can punch through a 6 inch concrete wall with a 12 inch head start, if its valve is broken off.


Did you know that after EPA started telling American Automobile manufacturers how to build their cars, causing gas mileages tin similar models to drop by up to 25%?  This caused the waste of trillions of gallons of fuel.


Did you know that using geothermal energy might cause a risk of earthquakes because cooling at depths will cause material shrinkage?

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