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Want better government? Try this.

1. Revoke the statute of limitations for all members of government who are in a position of power over others.
2. Require all of the above members to be subject to random drug and alcohol testing during work hours.
3. Require that ALL information pertaining to civil and criminal lawsuits (No secret settlements) be available to any member of the public. (The only exemption to this rule shall be allowed if national security is jeopardized and members of congress have full access to said information.)
4. Require all details of contracts with ANY business, organization, other government entity or individuals must be made public. (The exemption indicated in #3 may apply.)
5. Require grant recipients who falsify information to get or maintain grants to pay triple the value of said grants.
6. Require that those in government who use their power to harm others in any way shall spend not less than ten years in prison and pay reparation to any who are harmed by such actions. This shall especially to those who participate in blacklisting or use their position to punish whistleblowers.
7. Require officials, who divert money or resources from the legally intended use, to spend not less than ten years in prison and pay triple damages.
8. Require said officials to take period CIA certified polygraphs.
9. This shall apply to all of the following:
Elected officials, all supervisors, all inspectors, all educators, all officers of the court, all grant applicants and contractors, and all medical staff and institutions collecting money from government coffers.
10. This will only apply to improper behavior by government employees at work, not for their private lives.