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1. Place reflective material in windows that face the sun. This could be a piece of white cardboard, white cloth, a piece of cardboard or plywood covered with aluminum foil (the shiny side), of even a mirror if available. Doing this will cause significant reduction in the rate of heating caused by the sun in individual rooms and subsequently the house or apartment attached to that room. 2. Hanging a silver tarp, piece of shiny metal, a white cloth, or possibly a mirror (if safe to do so) in front of a window that the sun is shining on. This will be even more effective than having the heat barrier on the inside of the window. 3. Place a wet cloth around your neck and if possible, sit in front of a fan. The water evaporating from the cloth is especially efficient in cooling a person because veins and arteries are close to the surface of the skin in the neck allowing heat to be removed from an individual more efficiently. 4. Turn off any electrical devices in the home that are not necessary because each of these appliances will heat the room or home. The higher the wattage of these appliances, the more heat they will release into a house or room. If you don’t need it, turn it off. 5. Of course, dress in light clothing.