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  For those who think that Putin was trying to get Donald Trump elected as president, I

say “Bunk”.

  If Putin did have this information on Hillary’s e-mails, it would have been in his best

interest to keep that information to himself so that he could blackmail Hillary when

she became president.

  It also would put the U.S. Government on notice that Russia had most of the top

secret information that Hillary had transmitted on her unsecured network. I’m sure he

wouldn’t want officials of the U.S. Government to know that he was privy to all of

that information.

  This is entirely a scam by the Clintons and the Democratic party to explain their

failures. I’m surprised that Obama isn’t blaming former President Bush for this.

  For years it has been said that Saddam Hussein didn’t have any weapons of mass

destruction at the time we conducted the Gulf War after the 9-11 attack. I wonder

where the leader of Syria magically got all of these containers of nerve gas. There is

a high possibility that Saddam Hussein hid his remaining stockpile of nerve gas in


  Another thing that bothers me about OUR leaders is that none of them point out to the

rank and file suicide terrorists that if martyrdom was such a great idea, WHY don’t

any of THEIR terrorist leaders lead from the front instead of hiding back with their harems

of women while encouraging their subordinates to commit suicide for their cause. It

should be pointed out to these poor fools that their leaders are cheating